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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Further progress at the Farmer's Coop

Had a good day and did get a chance to make some progress at the farmer's coop.  Basically I added some doodads and spent the time priming and under painting the parts

 Here is an overhead shot looking at their placement.  I think a bunch of barrels and sacks as well as brooms and hand carts would work as well.,
 I painted the Shell gas pumps one for regular and one for premium.  Some weathering will tone them down nicely.
 Placement of the stuff on the platform does take some thought.  This looks somewhat logical.

Closeup of the pumps painted in basic shell colours.

For Olav I added a shot of a train entering the yard to give you some perspective of what the action will look like.

This is eye high from the edge of the layout

 The box car at the loading dock.  By providing a U shape structural component the eye is drawn into this platform which ties the whole scene together..
A little more painting and weathering and I will plant all this stuff into place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now the scene comes alive! This became very convincing. Thanks for let us follow the process, and for mention my comments.
Olav in Norway

10:11 PM  
Blogger jgotts said...

Chris you really capture the colors & textures perfectly! The dirt parking lot especially. Also your weathering on the structures is 1st rate!!

3:22 PM  

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