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Sunday, July 18, 2010

American Invasion 2010 Day 1

Well this weekend was the gathering of the large scale model railroaders in Ottawa. First stop was out to visit Doug and Barb Matheson. It was a casual afternoon under the trees where some of our visitors from out of town got a chance to warm up their trains on Doug's Garden Railroad.

he has a wonderful railroad in a grove of conifers

Gaetan is from Montreal and he is taking a train through the latest addition of track.

Lela is joining him as they head into the sun.

Bruce is seen here running his locomotive and car. Lots of personal scratch and kit building went into these.

The size of the railroad and equipment is very impressive.

The guys are examiniing a kink that resulted from the heat. The fix was on.

Nothing like a black and white photo of a run by.

The gang sit in the shade to get caught up on the goings on in the hobby.

Here comes the train.

Doug enjoys the action on his railroad.

John joins him.

Derailment being set right.

Gaetan is ready to role.

More discussion on the hand laid turnout. Gord is pointing out the details.

Gaetan has now got a Shay on the line.

A closep at the station.

Jan and Sue are part of the American Invasion.

Ah Looks like Ric is onto the action with his Live Steam Shay.

Nice station scene.

Shay crossing the bridge expanse

Time to give her water.

Bud is telling a story to the gang

BBQ action as the meet and greet was a great success.

I like the train in the curve.

Doug is having a look at the train passing over some newly laid track.

Here Gaetan is posing with a train on track that was laid that morning

Ric's live steam two truck shay is seen crossing this great bridge work in Doug's garden.

Ric is giving the shay some water as Bruce looks on. It was a great meet and greet as folks mingled and chatted about the adventures and projects over the past year. Look at the next posts to catch all the weekend action.


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