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Monday, March 29, 2010

D&H Ops Session on the LVN

Well the D&H buddies came over to operate the LVN and Ron Newby was kind enought to snap some photos.

The first one was of my latest undustry. A lumber yard with a Walther;s kit as the main structyure. The building has a detailed interior with racks of wood. However signs and weathering remain to be done/ Also lots of detailing in the yard itself to come.

After Graeme finished with his grain train assignment he visited with Normand at the Richmon Yard. He is watchning the time saver puzzle in full swing and Norm finished the assignment in a timely manner.

Here Neil is eying the activity from the container terminal.

Michel and I are waiting in the siding as the coal drag enters the main crossover at Elspeth Tower.

Gilbert and Neil are focussing on their Container Hotshot as the next on the scedule following the Coal Mine switching operation.

Normand is explaining his next move to Graeme.

Lots of action on the LVN and I am sure glad I left lots of isle space for the operators.s


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