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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visit to the Vermont and Essex

The Vermont and Essex is located in Montreal. This layout is club in the basement of a Hobby Shop. The members have a keen interest in Modelling an exact replica of Vermont in the 1950s. They love to complete structures and scenes to either replicate the prototype or selectively compress to give the full impression of the area.

This first shot is in Bellows Falls. Many people recognize the trackwork and station.

Right behind the station is this interesting stone freight house.

As in the real town. Across the canal there is a main street with many of the town's structures. See the fire hall.

Here is the main street and canal.

Of course the river is damed for hydro and this is an excellent replica of the power facility.

Here is a the marble works. They did a great job on this little industry. I like the small flat cars with the slabs.

This Shay heads a small work train into the industry

Here is the quary where the marble is mined.

A couple of shots of this GE unit on a bridge in the mountains

This picture is of downtown St Albans

Above is the famous landmark of White River Junction. Lela and I visit there when we can and on many occasions we have seen the Vermonter and local freights.

Picture of the backside of the station. Love the tower with the locomotive on top.

Higher angle shows the platforms and busy sign of passengers waiting for their trains

This industry is in St Albans. I am sure Stirling was a big employer in the good ol' days

The St Albans Roundhouse

The coaling tower really gives you a sense of that era.

The action was just great as the RS3 is being brought out for the next run

It wouldn't be Vermont without a farm

Nice to see the interior complete with cattle and stalls.

The St Albans Freight House. This in reality is a big structure. Even when compressed it is huge

This shot shows its location relative to the Train Station.

It would not be Vermont without waterfalls made by dams to service mills.

Yes this mill is indeed a good reproduction. What a scene.

Here is the St Albans Station with its train shed. The station is still there today though the train shed has been torn down

More shots of the marble works

Looks like a great pool to go fly fishing

Gotta love steam in Green and Gold

Essex Junction Depot

A broad shot of Essex Junction with the town and crossing

Walking further down the track the scene is breathtaking. The watertower and over cast sky make it a fine work of art.

St Albans. Kept coming back.

The weathering is just great

It would not be Vermont without a covered bridge

Being fall the farmers are taking in the hives for the winter

Nice farm house with windmill

The attention to detail is amazing. A wonderful bridge with lights and a great old New England Home on the hill.

A wooden bridge with the B&M F unit hauling on a super-elevated curve.

Here are some company houses.

Another shot of the mill. The water was done really well on this layout. The colour and effects were fantastic

This grave yard does exist behind the train shed at Essex Junction

This angle really highlights the church up the road on the hill top

Now how about a canoe ride. I hope you enjoyed this visit as much as we did. we definitely will be back next November.

Nice scene as the train crosses the river

St Albans yard with a departure from the station

Finally a North Bound Freight approaching White River Junction.


Blogger Wayne Woodland said...

Great looking layout Chris - its been awhile since i visited your blog- looks like you have been busy. Cheers.


3:29 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Thanks Wayne. I have been very busy. Hope to do lots more over the winter.

8:31 AM  
Blogger jgotts said...

Outstanding layout Chris thank you for sharing! Stay warm!!


7:12 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Glad you enjoyed the blog Jim. Ground hogs say we have 6 more weeks until spring. Gives me lots of modelling time I guess.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous David Oyler said...

Nice layout, great work!

5:06 PM  

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