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Thursday, October 08, 2009

The train The train The train

Here we are at 1000 feet. Look out the aircraft window you can see Wainwright below. The Grain terminal looks like they have a local CN switcher moving cars. A box car is sitting in the loading dock while a few trucks and trailers are in place getting ready to accept loads. The Safeway plant looks to be handling two reefers. Otherwise the station and yard tracks are empty.

In technicolour

Reverse angle from the wall partition which provides the scenic divide between Richmond and Wainwright yards.

The road is in and now we need signs and more trucks and people. Doodads as well!

Back side of the terminal looks quiet .

Ah the switcher in action

In the front is the location for the sulpher and chlorine facility. Tank cars will eventually be on this siding.

Another great day on the LVN. Stay tuned as I am still busy as a beaver putting more scenery in.


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