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Friday, July 24, 2009

International Invasion Ottawa Day 1

It was the 17th of July 2009 and the folks from Canada, USA and England gathered for two full days of garden Railway operation. There would be two sessions each day followed by run what you bring in the evenings. The first day was standard gauge followed by narrow gauge on the second day. Each train would have an engineer and trainman. The weather was great.

After setting out the rolling stock the folks gathered around the BBQ area and fish pond for the morning briefing.

Operators were eager to get started.

There was a solid briefing so that everyone knew the rules and format.

Then the trains were handed out. Rail Ops programme made the process smooth and seamless.

Doug and Ric at Craig Leigh getting the first train of the day ready.

Live steam is being prepared for the days run.

Folks are waiting for a meet at Spruce.

Low angle of the CN RS3 with stock cars arriving from Mount Saint Helen's.

Nice to do yard work in the shade. That is a completely different form of yard work.

Terry from England is explaining his buzzard traveling companion to Nicole who was from Montreal.

Doug talking to Nicole and Gaetan during a break in the action.

Terry driving a CP GP 30. Looks like he has a drink in that hopper.

Yes indeed.
Bruce and Jean are in Mount Saint Helen's and have just finished their switching. He is calling dispatch for clearance to Craig Leigh

Terry is breaking the rules as he is running to set his turnout at Peter's Pond.

Gaetan and Terry are running their freight toward Mount Saint Helen's.

Lela, Terry, Matt and Linda are in the shade, cooling down and drinking to keep hydrated

John is in Nelson Yard and has just turned his locomotive.

A live steamer, Matt is driving using radio control.

A closeup of the Shay.

Ralph admires Gord's RDC as it approaches Nelson Yard at the Bridge. Lily siding can be seen in the ...You guessed it....Lilies.

Paul is looking on in admiration as John stands next to the empties. Linda is quick to say that they are not all his.

Shay at Mount Saint Helen's station.

Bruce is operating his logging train pulled by his Shay.

Now that is a proud railroader.

And you can see why.

Ken is from Pennsylvania with Ric. Ric from Illinois was our Chief cook for all things BBQ.

Doug, Gord and Bill rest by the pond and pontificate about trains and such.

Here is Bruce bringing up steam at Spruce.

Look on the far side coming up grade. We will have a live steam meet at Spruce.

Now that is a sight you do not often see.


In this shot you can actually see the steam.

I guess you have to set your bottle down to work on this puppy.

Ric built this rail car and there are chickens everywhere. The dog in the seat does not look impressed,

Fred made a great tunnel as the boys were discussing the ongoing process of Carl's locomotive building projects. They looked great alongside the finished product in Spruce. It drew a lot of interest from the group and many a discussion took place about the details.

Yes the chicken buggy did travel down the line while we were BBQing.

Fred, Don (Howard) and Bill are enjoying each others company. Looks like something tickled their funny bones.

Lookout for the RDC Matt.

Ric brought out this B&O doodlebug. Had lights sound and action supreme.

Fred tasting port

Bill tasting Medeira

Mike in the hat is a wine maker and he brought lots for a tasting. His prize winning porto and chocolate was a big hit.

Now this is Bruce's rail car in Mercer siding. A little guy with big sound. You knew it was going by.

Bruce explaining the intricacies to Ric who also has one of these buggies.

A Bumblebee live steamer was the show stopper belonging to Don Howard.

The chicken machine was a hoot.

Folks looked like they had a full day and Ric and Bruce are still chugging along.

Dinner mmmm foood. Lots and lots of food.

Now Bruce... this is how I BBQ. The corn is just about ready Ric.

Now is this not a great display of steam.

Look at that. So many stages of building.

It was indeed a great first day.


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