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Friday, July 24, 2009

International Invasion 2009 Day 2

The Annual Invasion took place last Friday and Saturday hosted by the OVGRS Fred Mills is holding out the US flag as most of the guests came from the good ol' US of A.

The group photo can be clicked on for a close up of the faces. A few folks unfortunately were missed and although I had planned to photoshop them in later the light changed for the day and it just did work. Sorry.

This large scale Bachmann Climax (Ric's) was quite the hit with it's Phoenix sound system

Gord and Terry (From UK) are chatting before the morning activities.

Terry brought his railway mascot with him on this great adventure.

Here is that fantastic Climax again. what a great runner.

The picture that says it all.

Matt was awarded his apprentice hat as a new trainee.

Gord and his sons were promoted to operators and had their white trainee stripe removed from their hats.

Jan, Linda and Jean get their own portrait. I was going to photoshop them into the group photo but alas I was not able. The colour was so different at that time of day and it really was not going to look right. I could not get me into the photo either. Sorry about that.

The boys were taking a break during the lunch. There were two operating sessions each day.

There was lots of food...

Passenger train rounding Mount Saint Helen's

John and Linda fueling the live steamer before the afternoon through freight.

I had the pleasure of acting as trainman and it was the first time for me with live steam.

Monique reading car numbers during a pickup Glen Hammond.

Fred is backing his locomotive onto the siding for the pickup.

Here I am hitchin and chattin on the radio to the dispatcher.

Here you see John with his train while Linda tries her hand as trainman.

Video in progress with an ice tea for the engineer. It was hot and humid.

Lawrence admiring two live steamers meeting at Bell.

An eye to eye discussion with the dispatcher.

Fred and Monique made a great team.

Ric's hand car was made from a Walmart toy.

At the end of the day we had a rain shower and Fred got the beer.

Very nice to spend the time to socialize with everyone.

Climax running by Ironwood as the layout was set up as a continuous loop during the BBQ and evenings activities.

Ken gave us the big wave as he brings his mixed train down grade toward Nelson.

This was a great day of operating narrow gauge and a good time was had by all. In fact this was by far the most fun model railway activity I have ever participated in. Thanks again Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society for putting on such a fine Invasion. If folks would like to send some of their photos, or have some of these removed I can do that. Or see some corrections to be made just send to my email. There was so much happening I was bound to miss a a good photo op or make a few mistakes. Cheers.


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