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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cattle Barn

You may remember in previous posts I built the cattle barn and house. My friend Ron built the Silo. Now it was time to build the holding pen and paint the cattle and make hay.

I started with a maisonite base. I painted it dark brown with Krylon so that it would have some roughness for the scenic material to adhere to.

The fence work of the holding pen was from the Walthers plastic kit for the meat processing plant. I used my technique of hand painting, bragdon powders to create the old wood effect. I recommend this kit fior this work as it would take too much time to build it from wood.

I dry placed everything and took a few shots at the work bench. The cattle were painted using the hand painting, warhammer brown ink and bragdon powders technique.

Then I took it out under the layout light to make sure the colours would be OK in that environment.

I mades some hay by cutting small HO scale 2x3ft bits. Then I dipped the sides in white glue and added burnt grass static grass from woodland scenics.

Slow work but worth the effort.

I added real earth into the cattle pen and made sure there were some larger black chunks to indicate cow pies.

I glued in the hay and cattle. I also added a small water trough.

Then I placed it into the eventual scene and took photos to examine the effects.

I used photoshop to see what it will look like when glued in place and there is ground over the base joint.


Blogger OlavM said...

These heyballs were some of the besty I have seen in a long time - the farm became a very believable scene!
Olav in Norway

11:04 PM  

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