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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ron's HO Modules

Ron built this Campbell Scale Depot. A craftsman like structure, it would set the tone for this four module set. this was my project for scenic the modules.

Here is a prop and boat repair facility donated by Bill Tweedy from Cape Cod.

This next picture is a Tower One from Fos Scale

There is a river in the far left portion of the first module. The view was fun to do with the trestle, water, boats and the backdrop

Nothing like a fisherman trying his luck near the logs.

Tower One is a very nice addition to the crossover before the Clearwater Junction.

From the bridge you are able to see the water, tower and yard.

This old 1950s boxcar kit (wood) was the starting point for this railroad maintenance facility.

Pipes were made from cocktail straws and the loading dock from scrap strip wood. The detail parts are from the parts box.

The nice feature of this kit was the open door and stenciled lettering.

This oil tank was built in the 1980s by my good friend Don Shouldice. He used a dowel and broom handle end for the tank and scratch built the trestle style supports and building.

Close up of the loading dock shows off the woodland scenics LP.

Some more shots of the river

The reflection was from the tree in my front yard. The water is done with plaster covered with gloss moss green acrylic paint and gloss medium.

Like the Andy of Mayberry Scene as the folks are off fishing while the RR workers stand around...they should be shoveling coal.

BN Caboose through the trees. Juneco CN bumpers protect the end of track

Ah the quiet of the country river

Mike Hamer built this freight House Kit for Ron. It is from Full Steam Ahead.

This side view shows off the nice detail of the loading dock. It needs more doodads

Looks too darn quiet.

Some people are waiting for the commuter train back to the city. Clearwater Junction is a busy place today.

Mike Hamer Built the crossing

Roof top view of the trackage at the junction.

Looks like the sun is going down

Looks like the stores are closed for the night

Jordan vehicle sets the era very nicely

The station tower

View from the back


Use scrap twigs and an old wheel to make this mini scene.

The junk forms the border for the freight yard

Paint and inks were used to colour these metal and plastic details

The track scene still need more stuff

What about this side....A truck and LPs.

Athearn made a nice Ford pickup and I hand painted the Prieser figures

Buddy on the dock is smoking his pipe

The farmer is thanking the freight shed manager for his quick service with a pat on the back

I added some coal bins to the left and there is more details to come. Ron is currently working on a gas station which will be located along the street behind the station.


Blogger Scott Jay said...

Very nice work Chris! Don Shouldice from Dartmouth, NS? He does some amazing work as well! Great guy too!


6:29 AM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Yhanks Scott. Don and I used to do lots of model work as part of the "Narrow Minded Bunch" back in the late 80s.

3:34 AM  

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