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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Duluth's by Sierra West

Brett Gallant has produced a very nice freighthouse that has all the characteristics of a classic craftsman structure. The kit is a combination of laster cut, scale lumber board on board building materials complemented by laser cut peel and stick windows and doors. Castings are resin and metal. The build took approximately 50 hours. I used waterbased wood stains for the building and acrylic model paint for the castings. Some details were painted with artist oil paint. Weathering was done with AI and bragdon powders.

My plan is to place this into a module set I am building for public displays. The timeframe will be the late 1920s.


Blogger OlavM said...

Wonderful! That was a very nice building! How did you treat the wood to get that nice look?
Best regards from Olav in Norway

5:13 AM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Olav. I used water based wood stain (Saman). A combination of whitewash and colonial. After it dried I then applied very light Alcohol India Ink (AI) mixture. The trim was done with Saman (Olive) then AI. The loading platforms were Age it and AI with some light Brown Bragdon powder applications soaked with mineral spirites. I then used flesh colour acrylics to dry brush the upper surfaces. . The texture was achieved by using a dull number 11 blade and wire brushes. I also lifted the siding by using a chissel exacto blade

here is the asite for the stains though we get it at Rona here in Canada.

9:44 PM  

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