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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Sunday Railfanning

Here we are at Dorion jusr across the bridge from St Anne's. The CN CP double track main from Montreal to Toronto passes here. It looks to be a great spot for train watching as there were many dads out with their kids. The difficult part is the lighting angles and the power lines, however I got a shot of one of CN's newest SD70m's heading for Toronto.

Coteau Junction was the next stop. This junction includes the Toronto Montreal CN route plus the Alexandria sub to Ottawa (Old OCR) to the North and the CSX south to the good ol' US of A. Here we can see GP38-2W 4810 and GP38-2 4730 at the west end of the junction. They are working a string of cars at the south yard. This old power is allocated to the Alexandria Sub to Ottawa and replaced the mutch more interesting ALCO RS18 fleet of the OCR .

The trainman is about to step down at the station.

This side on shot really shows the paint gone right down to the primer.

With the trainman back onboard. the train is now backing past the station to the south yard for local switching before it returns to Ottawa.

On the way home we went to the diamond where the CN Alexandria sub crosses the double track main from Montreal to Smith Falls. This west bound was a pleasant surprise as the lead unit is an SD40-2 Red Barn.

All in all it was a warm and sunny blue sky day for April. Happy Easter all.


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