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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farmer's Coop

Here is mu latest project.  I am starting a new farmer's coop located on the north end siding in Shelby.  The kits are from the left overs of stuff I had lying around

 The platforms are from plaster that I had used in a clinic last year.  The Farmer's Coop building from a garage sale and the warehouse is part of a walthers cornerstone grain elevator kit.  The decals were from various sources and the sign was made from styrene and strip wood.  Acrylic paints were used for the platforms.  A combination of bragdon powders and AI were used to streak the building and age them.
 Here you can see the complete siding.  I wanted low profile building so folks could operate the turnouts at the north end.  makes for easy uncoupling as well.  Some farm vehicles for sale are quite common
 Hm.  Looks like I need some more dirt and foliage on the backside.  Photos really help identifying these issues.
 This profile shot is taken from across the room near the port coal mine.  Shows clearly how the scene blends through to the backdrop.
Now some doodads.  These gas pumps are from an old plasticville garage (vintage 1960s.  I also have some crates and stuff from Sierra west.  I will have to post them later as they all need a good paint job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Chris!
You're really productive!. I especially liked the photo from across the room - I just missed some railroad equipment, then this picture would be a real winner!
Olav in Norway

11:28 PM  

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