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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weathered and Planted Grain Elevators

Took out the Bragdons and mixed with AI to make a weathered wash. Then I applied it to the three elevators before planting. I used horizontal applications on the clapboard siding UGG and Alberta Pool and virtical on the corregated siding one on the end. I used two colours of rust with the AI and varied the amount of weathering on the roofs.

I used sifted dirt spritzed with wet water and put in place with white glue. The dirt was sprinkled on with a spoon and varied to keep the ground uneven. Then several shades of ground foams from mixed turf to burnt grass were applied. Bushes and weeds were glued down. Then an application of earth coloured sanded grout to break up the colours. I made paths with dirt sifted through pantyhose. Used a brush to blend them in and it gives a finer finish.
The grey roads are done with fine ballest. Eventually I will rub some fine dirt into it and seal it with diluted white glue.

The scenic impression was to create an Alberta Valley town along the foothills of the southern Rockies. Other industries will be locaterd on either sides of the Elevators.

Looking straight on I get the feeling of those Alberta foothills. Still lots of details and LPs to add.

Many model these buildings from the other side for easy access to the grain cars. But this is the side most folks see when they are going through town. The coupling and uncoupling are done from the ends.

Low angle shot of the storage shed shows the age with the heavy application of brown and grime bragdons. The ramp is done with ballest to show continuity between the unloader and the street. I am sure the Friday Night Group will get a kick out of switching in this newly completed area.

In the back you can see where the CN bunk house and station will go. More buildings to do. Ain't it fun?


Blogger Eric said...

Those elevators look like they've always been there, Chris. Nice job on that "elevator row". I'm planning a couple of posts on elevators I photographed from the Canadian, both on the CP lines east of Calgary and the CN east of Edmonton. These will appear on my blog Trackside Treasure, not sure when though. Thanks for sharing those excellent photos.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Glad you like them. Plan to put in a propane and seed storage area aas well.

10:46 AM  

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