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Monday, July 19, 2010

American Invasion Day three

Lots of rolling stock in the yard today.

A pause for refreshments Colin is in pleasant discussion with Fred.

Alway nice to just photo box cars.

Passenger train being set onto the passing siding by Ric.

Long cars going through the S curve.

Lela taking a break in the shade.

The boys in the shade.

PA in Ironwood.

John's train is fully equipped with Alco sound.

Nicole, Gaetan Roger and Paul in Bell. Two trains heading for Peters Pond. I wonder which will have priority?

Must be Paul's as another train comes by with a CN RS3 at the lead.

E8 A&B Thanks Doug for bringing them to the invasion.

Doug and Ric have the yard wwell in hand as this S4 does its duty.

UP and CP power in Nelson.

Ralph looks very pleased with this consist.

Folks were out in droves as we had a morning and afternoon session divided by a lunch time thunder storm.

Nice to see a bumble bee working Firgrove

Large Scale CN S4 brings a smile to one's face

The heat of the day was just starting to get to Ken after three days of running trains

Gord was our train master for the ops sessions and he kept the trains going using railops.

Here is the Saturday night survivors of this year's invasion. They all look like they had a great time.

The RP&M gang resting in Nelson yard chatting about the day's activities.n

Roger is relaxing at the end of the day as he watches a CP extra emerge from the IPP&M bridge.

CP power sits in the siding at Spruce.

This Bell and wheel brings the session to a go when the hammer is applied. Nothing like a good ring to get things started

The US Flag at Sunset. Bringing a close to another great American Invasion
More pictures will follow as I process them.


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