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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FNGer OPs session Oct 2010

Last Friday's ops session was a blast as the guys put the layout through it's paces.  Thanks Ron, Fred and Paul for the action photos.

Here are Mike, Bob and Joel operating their trains from the Elspeth Tower yard throat.
 Ron and Chris are switching in Richmond.
 Looks like Joel, Bob, Monique and Fred are having a good time.
 First ops session for Paul.  He came all the way from Montreal.  Hmm.  Ops Train Orders.
 Chris is contemplating his next move as Joel looks like a happy camper.
 Mike manouevers his power into the yard as Bob waits to move the mixed freight with its lumber empties back to Shelby.
 From across the layout Ron looks like he is intently planning his next switch move.
 The coal drag moving past the newly completed lake scene.
 Bob and Joel are discussing thir approach to switching out the propaine facility.
 The coal drag is approaching the crossing at Port coal mine.
 Mike likes to stand on chairs to watch the ops session.  Me I am just having fun looking at my layout in full ops mode.
How long is this thing Bob.  Looks like it will take awhile before we can follow the coal drag into Shelby.
 Here I am at the beginning of the night hand out the train orders.
 Joel giving one of his special man with a thousand faces looks.  A mad wrestler I think.
 Shelby yard looks like it is in the middle of some car sorting.
 Coal drag at hamer's Cut.
 Ron is showing Mike his new Camera with the panorama mode.  I have my Red Friday support the troops shirt on.
 Mike and Paul look like they are discussing my lumber dealership.
Fred and Monique are switching Robin Hood Flour

All in all the layout performed well.  Looking forward to having all the FNGer folks back soon.


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