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Friday, April 11, 2008

First Pond Pour

I poured my first layer of envirotex-lite into the beaver pond. It goes in thick but settles out flat. It penetrates the banks and wicks a bit up the sides. The next pour will even it out.

I placed two beavers into the pond so they were submerged and looked like they were swimming. You will notice white bits in the envirotex. These are air bubbles. I popped most of them with a toothpick and stirred a bit.

This closeup shows the beaver swimming toward the lodge. I got those bubbles as well.

Dryed is perfectly clear. I plan to glue a tree limb to a beavers mouth and have him swimming on the surface toward the dam. A thin final layer of envirotex will make him look right with his tree half submerged.


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