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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

First Craftsman Structure

I started working on this country barn kit made by American Model Builders. It is all Laser cut and it is really well manufactured with great instructions. The windows and details and shingles are all peel and stick.

I took some Micro Mark Grey stain and applied it to both sides of the wood. My first time, I may have applied to much at once. I recommend the use of a brush that just stains the wood, not soaks it. Also I took this approach as I wanted the weathered barn look with no paint. If you want faded paint you can lightly dry brush it on later.

I then put it between two pieces of glass for drying. You can watch the progress as it gets lighter and this will ensure no warpage. This could take up to 48 hours depending on how much stain you applied.

You may wish to use 1/4 inch bass wood strips to re enforce the thinner sides and front. If I have to, I will do this before putting it together. You could also do this before hand. I will post more as I progress.


Blogger Steve Watson said...

AMB does nice kits. I assembled one of their trackside shacks, just for practice (it's on the coffee table layout). I've also got the N-scale single stall engine house (also for the coffee table). So far all I've done is stain the walls using and ink & alcohol stain (using non-water base means less chance of warping).

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