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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Beavers arrive on the LVN

Well I had great success at the CSS07 Craftsman convention in Mansfield this fall and picked up a dozen of these beavers for the LVN. They are made by Moose Models.

First step was to paint them with black primer so that I had a good dark coat for the fur paints to stick to. The Warhammer paint is in a spray bomb "Chaos black" and it is really fine.

Next I applied bestial brown as the first coat then dry brushed the dark flesh and then the dark flesh mixed with vomit brown last on the upper surfaces. When dry I put a wash of brown ink on the tail, feet and underside. Next I made a 3/1 wash with water and ink and ran it over the rest of the beaver so that it would darken in the grooves bringing out the fur detail.

Here are the finished beavers on the sprue. Next I cut them free using sprue nippers

They started their journey at the port coal mine and were in search for a good stream to build a dam. Here they are crossing the double main heading for the maintenance road.

This close up shows them making there way while the RCMP watch to ensure these national treasures are not bothered by local residents.

They look to be quite busy wondering toward the tracks

Later in the day, they have managed to make their way to the crossover just in time to see a GP60M with a container train roar by.

At beaver height it is quite exciting as a number of them get up on their rear haunches to view the passing train. The more focuses ones are continuing their journey without any consideration of the trains near by.

These guys have over 30 real feet to travel to the farmland where they will begin their dam on the stream. Maybe the farmers can use the pond to water the cattle.


Blogger Steve Watson said...

Hmmm...are cattle susceptible to Giardiasis?

7:55 PM  
Blogger OlavM said...

Wow! Just great! This was a real fun project!!
Olav in Norway

9:23 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

I think that the beavers will probably go into hiding during the operating session on Friday. Maybe I will make it a contest for folks to find those raskals. Thanks for the comments ...I will have to keep you posted on the beaver's progress

11:53 AM  
Blogger Wayne Woodland said...

Too Funny - thats one of the things that makes Model Railroading great - most of us have a great sense of humor. Showe dmy daughter - she had a great laugh too. Nice work Chris.


1:12 PM  

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