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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a difference

Was off to Merickville to get my Chopper II from Larkspur Lines. Then Lela and I drove over to Smith Falls to do some railfanning. Since the last visit the snow was gone and it was much warmer.
The first action we saw was this pair of Geeps sorting out some tank cars in the yard.

The weathering shows years of hard work on these units.

Then the VIA from Ottawa graced us with her presence. Nice to catch it between these target signals on the west end throat.

Next was an Ottawa Valley Train with CPR AC4400s on the lead arrived.. Hey the lead unit is the "Holiday Train" and its a container train. The OVR train entered through the yard tracks at the same time.

In this shot you can see the clips which are perminantly attached with screws for the Christmas lights

Here are the OVR units. They are backing onto some lifts in the yard.

The Holiday train is leaving. They just completed the crew change and she is bound for Toronto.

Meanwhile, the OVR has reconnected to it's train and will be heading out as soon as she gets the signal.


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Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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