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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Working on the Visible Staging Yard

pens and it was great fundn. We applied a variety of colours, tie brown, rail brown, grimey black, mud and rust.

Then later in the day Jim joined me for a few hours of laying in dirt, grout and ground foam.

Jim then learned to apply celluclay to create a rock face and he added scenery using my tried and true techniques and blended it in to the previously finished areas.
Here is the shot from the completed work facing toward the golf course at the far end of the yard. This initial layer separates the main from the passing and classification tracks.

Here is a view near the throat and you can see the spur in detail

From the other end of the yard you can see that you can accomplish alot in one day.

This wild angle really shows the rockwork I did next to the flour mill siding.

Here is Jims work as it is drying.

This was the sample I did first next to the Mill siding across from the golf course.

Looking forward to work on the backdrop area so that this scene will be ready for the convention.


Blogger Wayne Woodland said...

Chris - As always excelllent update and fantastic pictures.Cheers.


1:29 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Hi Wayne. Good to hear from you again. I am having a blast building this railroad. Looking forward to submitting more posts after some serious modeling this weekend

12:33 PM  

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