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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friday Night Group Visit

Had ten FNGers over to the LVN to conduct two steady hours of operations

Here Stan and Joel are switching out the grain terminal.

Later, Normand working with Mike Hamer moved bulkhead flats from the siding to lift onto their mixed freight local.

You can see Ron and Andrew working the Stbd coal mine in the distance. Joel and Stan are busy shifting their locomotives onto a 12 car set of BNSF hoppers

Her is Andrew throttling up his coal drag while Ron watches to make sure the turnouts are clear at the other end of the classification yard.

Ron and Andrew wait as Stan backs his BC Rail locomotives into the yard.

Bobby did an oops, accelerating instead of stopping, which caused an accident in the container terminal. Everyone came over to take part in this highlight of the night. The O scale figure was knocked clean over by these HO cars. Deadly deed did not go un-noticed

Stan and Joel are hard at work pulling these grain cars to the flour Mill

Here is Bobby enjoying these pair of GP60Ms

Of course the beavers really had a good time and had moved to the VIA station near Hamer curve. They really enjoyed kabitzing with the passengers and watching the main line action.

Here you can see Bill and Jim operating Richmond yard: the time saver. They did it their way yet it did get done and done well.

Mike and Normand were busy switching the Cement plant

From this Angle you see the NAR SD38-2 about to latch onto a cement hopper as the BNSF Coal Drag goes by on the main.

It was a great night and we had Beer, pop, tea, coffee cake and cheese curdes after.

All was done by 22:00 as we were on the road the next day to Kingston for their railroad show and the NMRA SLD meeting.


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