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Friday, April 11, 2008

Building the Barn part 2

Here are the four sides after I applied the peel and stick windows doors and trim

A close up shows the fun you can have as you add the layers to these components and apply them to the sides. What is very interesting is to do this with the flat ends and sides before assembly. The instructions say to install them after the four sides of the building are assembled. It is way easier my way. I learned this from Ron Newby.

You can see how I roughed up the boards with a dull number 11 exacto blade.

Here is what the building looked like when I assembled it using the metal box thingy and magnets from Micro Mark

Some views you can see while each side and end were drying. Noticed I reenforced the inside with bass wood to prevent warping. I used Aleen's tacky glue from Micheals

Here is the first application of peel and stick shingles to the first roof section. The dormers were constructed separately and then added.

Both lower roofs are finished. Now do the upper roof and cupola and set it on the layout for placement consideration. I took a few shots to see what it looked like in different dispositions


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