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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Prairie Grain Elivators for the LVN

Had a great time building the Walthers Grain Elivators. I prepainted and decaled the parts before assembly. There is a good assortment of outbuildings and you can detail the insides if you leave the doors open. I played around with the order to try and simulate some of the configurations you see in small Alberta towns. The UGG and Alberta Grain Pool decals are from Microscale.

Here is a ground level shot and you can see the scale of these large structures with the intermountain Canada Trudeau Hopper on the siding.

Looking back the other way the finished part of the layout can be seen in the distance as well as the Robin Hood Flour Mill smoke stack.

The helo view gives you a look at the extensive yard which is used mostly for staging during operating sessions unless the locals, grain specials and coal drags have to work .

All in all it has been a fun project. I have some weathering to do and a few more structures to complete and place before I can go into the scenery work. That will not be long now

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Robin Hood Flour

After the visit from the movie folks I was hot to get at some more model building. Started to work on the Shelby Subdivision. Robin Hood Flour takes grain from the Trudeau hoppers and puts it into the bins. Flour is processed at the mill and is taken by ACF centerflows to Dempsters bread. Also trucks are loaded for delivery as well.

A good project for the long weekend. I put together the cornerstone kits including Red Wing Flour, two grain bins, conveyor and grain dryer. Painted the building with camo brown Krylon spraybomb and then highlighted with Bragdon Brown and Black powders. The scene is located across the tracks from the golf course just north of the bridge near the port coal mine. These structures create the necessary scenic block between the Wainwright and Shelby Subs. I mounted it on hard board so I could take it to the workbench for detailing. Some weathering is needed on the dryer and conveyor.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Feature Film Shot on the LVN

The Secret Trains of New York City

A King Vila Productions Feature Film

Production commenced June 23, 2007. Follow our progress with updates at this site.

June 3o

Quote from their website

Technical Advisor Chris Lyon adjusts the train-cam. No camera existed that could combine the size required to pass through HO scale scenery, and still capture the high quality needed for the big screen. Working with partners in the micro-video industry, the producers combined several technologies to manufacture a one of a kind camera. Aside from several, thousand dollar lenses, and top of the line micro-chips, the astute viewer will notice that rubber bands and duct tape are an integral part of the cutting edge design.

Here are some closeups of this great camera set up

The train has a camera car, wire car, battery car and antenna car.
The battery car was removed for loading.

This is a story of a young boy from a troubled family who gets cancer. The illness creates an interesting dynamic in the family. He has a love of trains and his wish foundation request involves seeing railroads and model railways.

The producer and writer of this feature film is Vincent Kiraly

The script for Secret Trains is an original story by Vincent. This is the first of his scripts that has been accepted for production. He has also been asked to take the role of producer. He is responsible for script management, continuity, props, and shares responsibility with Nelson Carbonette for location management.

The Director is Director - Richard Bell.

Richard has accepted the call to direct his first feature film. Richard's invitation to direct was based on the fantastic visual texture of the many music videos playing on television that he has brought to life. Richard has been pursuing a career in film and television for the last 11 years, working as a freelance director in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. He has directed for such companies as Moving Silence( Mtl Record label), Dreamweaver Studios (Toronto film company) H20 Boy ( Calgary ) Maxmedia ( Gatineau ) and many more. His work has been showcased on Muchmusic, Musique Plus , TVO, TVA, Radio Canada etc… Richard has studied film with the likes of Gary Burns ( Way Downtown, Kitchen Party, Radiant City etc..) Kevin Tierney ( Bon Cop-Bad Cop) and Tim Southam ( One Dead Indian)

Here he is with Camera next to Vincent during the filming on the LVN

The associate producer for this film was Mike Hamer. My good friend who leads the Friday Night Group into these great adventures. Mike arranged for 10 model railroads to be filmed for this feature film.

Also I want to thank Kaz (Rob) for loaning me the Tavern to fill in a spot that I had just sceniced.

Here is a shot of his craftsman kit on the LVN