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This site is designed to promote the hobby of ferroequinology. It also provides an opportunity to show the development of the "Lyon Valley Northern": an HO railroad featuring CN and BNSF action in the West. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments at

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interview With Dave Primeau

Dave and I got together to discuss prototype modelling.  His Conn River Line is a fine example of how you can take a point in time in history and replicate it on an HO Scale Model Railroad.  We did a six part series where a number of subjects were addressed and it provides a great overview of what to consider when modelling and operating a prototype.

Part 1  Introduction to Modelling the Prototype
Part 2 Simplifying Waybills for Operations
Part 3 Ideas for Operations
Part 4 Prototype Events on your Model Railroad
Part 5 Scenery, Backdrops, Staging and Double Slip Switches
Part 6 Modelling Prototype Structures



Friday, January 18, 2013

New Scenery in Ridgeway

Last week, I was over to Bill Scobie's Sn3 RGS.  He had taken all his buildings and stuff out of Ridgeway and had repainted his backdrop sky blue.  My task was to paint a backdrop for him so he could go in and start to super detail this area of his railroad.  On Sunday, we had an ops session and I videoed the area and his progress.  Also there was an opportunity to catch the Telluride passenger train doing it's turn.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tips and hints for MR Operations

Mike Hamer and I got together over the holidays and decided to put together a series of videos on how to efficiently operate a model railroad.  In four parts, the show covers:

Part 1.   What to look for when coming to a new railroad.  Areas to pay attention to.
Part 2.   How to switch, doing lifts and drops from a mainline train
Part 3.   Understanding arrival at a major yard and locomotive moves
Part 4.  Switching a yard and industrial area efficiently.

 As Mike says, there are more than six ways to skin a cat.  The main focus here is to provide folks with information and methods to handle most situations that arise in an operating session.  The terminology may vary and the approaches you take maybe different depending on your experience.  Our goal was to provide some help to take the mystery out of operations and maybe show some techniques that you can incorporate into your toolbox.  We want to help make this hobby an enjoyable experience for you.