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Monday, May 31, 2010

SLD visit to Brockville

Visiting Brockville we stopped at the station for 15 minutes to see if we could capture a few trains before the meeting. This Westbound came roaring through at notch eight and the rumble really got your adrenaline going.

Next up was an east bound heading for Montreal. It was a great way to start a train day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Essay for the day

Decided to follow a train with my camera today to see if I could capture some new angles on the layout.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May Ops session

The trains are staged for the ops session hosting Bill Meek, Mikey Hamer, Tommy Hood, Mike Shchepanek, Ron Newby, Peter Jackson and Bill Scobie.

This pic shows the setup in the classification yard and Richmond

Here is my latest project at the BNSF servicing facility

Here Bill Scobie...a Sn3 steam guy working the time saver in Richmond.

Mike Hamer and Ron Newby bringing the Mixed Way Freight by tower BX.

Bill and Mike operating the grain train at Elspeth Tower near the terminal.

Bill gives Mike the thumbs up

Ron is sporting his new hat for the playoffs. Go Habs Go . That's Tommy owner of CDS lettering at the throttle.

Lots of ops in Shelby as Mike reads car numbers and Bill reaches to throw a turnout.

NAR 301 (SD38-2) hooks onto the string of Glycol cars at the plant as the grain train enters Shelby on the inside main.
Busy spot as the glycol cars are being pulled into the yard and you can see cars on the interchange and arrival track. The grain train heads through with a leased SD90 Mac on the front (22 cars in tow). On the outside tracks a string of coal hoppers from the port mine await their train and a VIA passenger on the back track ready to run as an extra at the end of the night.

Bill has all in hand as his job is putting 21 cars in and 21 cars out of the 5 industries in his yard

Here Tommy is watching the head end of the coal drag as it moves into position to enter the port coal mine tracks in Shelby.

Shot of the port coal mine as the grain train rounds the corner past the golf course and bridge.

Here Mike is taking the grain train through the classification yard on the inside main. Looks pretty quiet in there at this point of the session.

Looks like Bill is getting used to the dugga dugga dugga versus the chuff chuff chuff he is used to.

Tommy watches a train pass tower BX as he and Peter switch out the Stbd coal mine.

Here are Tommy and Peter admiring their 40 car coal drag as it approaches the crossover at the Port Coal Mine.

Looks like the yard is getting busy as Ron backs the mixed freight into the outside run around track. The Coal drag has been split in the yard.

Mike and Ron are discussing the evenings operations as the VIA enters the scene.

Ron Smiles as he watches the yard action

Mike's expression says it all as we end another evenings adventure on the LVN.