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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sierra West Railway Camp for Modules

It has been a while since I had a chance to get back to doing some craftsman structure building.  At my very first Scotty Mason structures show, I had the chance to meet Brett from Sierra West and he introduced me to the railroad camp.  To me this would be a real challenge as there were three buildings.  Lots of board on board construction and some work with resin.  I had a plan as you saw earlier in my blog to put together two freemo modules designed around a 1920s theme.  Here is the main building part way through construction.

 So it took me two weeks to stain the wood and paint the resin walls.  In the first building which consisted of a warehouse, office and storage shed, there were 16 walls.  The office had a stone first floor with a laser cut clapboard second floor.  The other two building sections were board on board framing or lamination of boards over card stock laser cut shapes.
 As you can see here I used lots of bracing so there are no problems with warping..The loading dock has 40 legs and there are lots of individual bits of strip wood to be glue in place.
 This closeup of the backside shows some of the advantages of board on board.  Each bit of wood has it's own character and takes stain differently.  I used a water based stain which was part black and part brown..  The stonework was done with acrylics (different shades of grey) AI and bragdons.
 The upper office level clapboard was roughed up, then stained with the same mixture I used for the boards.  Then dry brushed with floquil concrete, followed by dry brush using "rotten Flesh" from citadel miniatures warhammer paint.  Then again AI was applied over that.  Nail holes were put in with Jimmy Simmons Monster Nailer.  This is a cool little tool with HO size double hole maker to make the perfect nail holes you always wanted.
 The storage shack was very interesting as you build the internal frames, apply 2x10s horizontally on front side and vertically on other three sides.  Then tar paper which I then weathered with Bragdons, And finally batons were applied over the paper.
 Each window was from a laser cut sheet.  Individual character was added with cracks, some opened part way, or signs or boarded up.  The frames are made around the openings with individual boards (five each).  Brett does a good job with his instructions to help you with weathering techniques and construction.
The doors are white metal castings which were primed, painted wood brown.  Then dark brown bragdon powder was then brushed on and set into grooves with mineral spirits.  Then dry brushing with flesh was done which highlighted the upper surfaces.  Some of the Bragdon powder mixed with this paint  and created an old grey-brown upper surface on each board.  Then AI was put over top to blend.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Backdrop Painting Clinic DVD. Appreciated the great feedback

I was so pleased to find that folks enjoyed the clinics I gave this fall at the Narrow gauge Convention, Fine Scale Model Railroaders Expo and the Craftsman Structure Convention.  The feedback received from folks about the backdrop painting DVD was very complementary and I appreciate your BZs.  The DVD was designed as if you were attending one of the premium clinics which includes concepts of backdrop design, brushes, paint and techniques.  To date over 80 people have received the DVD and have indicated that the show is just like being at the clinic.  I am so glad it worked well for everyone and I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your finished work.  Hope to see some photos soon.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ottawa Model Train Show with Charity in Mind.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

On May 5 & 6, 2012 OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO, the largest Model Railroad Show in eastern Canada, comes to Carleton University Fieldhouse. The 48,000+ sq. ft. hall has been reserved to welcome people from all walks of life into the world of model trains, from “Thomas the Tank Engine” to “Craftsman Structure” builders, OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO will cater to not only the seasoned hobbyist with a passion for modeling and trains, but also to the young family with children enjoying toy trains. Our mission with this event is to promote the hobby and leisure activities with the railroad as the common thread to people of all ages.

Would you consider making a donation to our “Draw Table”?  In return for a gift your name will be prominently displayed on our website with a link to your site. The table will have all the gifts on display, and the attendees choose which item they wish to purchase tickets for. The proceeds from the “Draw Table” will be donated to Roger’s House the Sens Foundations’ charity of choice as our recipient charity.
Roger’s House is an eight bed paediatric residential hospice that welcomes children / youth and their families who are living with a life limiting illness.  The House provides both respite, particularly important for families with children that require 24/7 medical care, or end-of life support. Located in Ottawa on the grounds of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Roger’s House provides a home-like environment allowing children, family and friends to focus on quality time together.  

Items for donation to the Draw Table may be sent to: Ottawa Train Expo, 1447 Launay Ave., Orleans, ON K4A 3R9
Thank you for your kindness in your donation to our worthy cause.

Should you require more information about this event, please visit

Or contact us at:

OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO is a Not-For-Profit Corporation

Fred Adams