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Monday, October 12, 2009

Adding scenery to the Intermodal Terminal

Truck leaving the north end of the intermodal terminal

On the other side of the road new constuction has this flatbed delivering wood.

Crane lifting the newly arrived containers at the terminal.

North end toward the station

South end looking north along the yard tracks near Elspeth Tower.

GP60M arriving near the terminal. The containers make a natural scenic break.

The locomotives stop at the tower to get their switching orders for the terminal.

A Canadian Tire truck has just received its container from the Myjack Crane.

The containers are stacked as they wait for empty intermodal cars to arrive.

This 20 ft load is heading out the south end of the terminal.

Here the GP-40W is blowing for the crossing as it enters into the intermodal facility

A second railfan catches the view with the intermodal truck rounding the bend near the crossing.

Across the tracks this view shows the GE plant in the background.

The GP-40W is slowly approaching it's string of outbound intermodal cars.

An overview of the days work.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

The train The train The train

Here we are at 1000 feet. Look out the aircraft window you can see Wainwright below. The Grain terminal looks like they have a local CN switcher moving cars. A box car is sitting in the loading dock while a few trucks and trailers are in place getting ready to accept loads. The Safeway plant looks to be handling two reefers. Otherwise the station and yard tracks are empty.

In technicolour

Reverse angle from the wall partition which provides the scenic divide between Richmond and Wainwright yards.

The road is in and now we need signs and more trucks and people. Doodads as well!

Back side of the terminal looks quiet .

Ah the switcher in action

In the front is the location for the sulpher and chlorine facility. Tank cars will eventually be on this siding.

Another great day on the LVN. Stay tuned as I am still busy as a beaver putting more scenery in.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lets put that Puppy in and do more scenery

Now that was fun. I wanna do some more:)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Some new scenery in the yard

This first shot is the triangle where the wood lot greenery will be planted. This you saw on the last post.

Here you can see the treeline between the yard and the road, which provides a nice separation from the Richmond Husky terminal.

On the oposite side I built a treelined berm to keep the railfans out and ensure there are no elbows on the layout.

This Walther's station was a builtup and dropped right into place, finishing the yard area and provided a layered approach between the track and the wall with background buildings parking lot and trees.

It also helped divide Richmond yard from the classification yard in Wainwright.

This is from the Richmond yard throat and you can see how the Walther's industrial building were used to wrap around the central wall which was created for a scenery divide. Also the curves in the track treeline and roads provides a forced perspective to draw the eye into the scene. Interesting to see how the mountains, painted into the far wall formulate the completed scene.

You can see down the track where the woodland will be placed in front of the grain terminal

Here are closeups of the Mike hamer style of tree. These are made from Spirea.

I placed the camera right into this scene so you could see the backside of the station and the road approach.

Back of the station from Richmond Yard and Fairview shops.

There will be a bakery in the empty lot between the track and station road.

I think this will be a great spot for visitors and future photos of the train action.

The helo is hovering over the new scenetry looking across to Richmond yard.

A good view of the next area to be developed and how those buildings wrap around the backdrop.

Now all we need to do is bring the trains back in:)