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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SD40 final photos

So today I added some more details to the LVN SD40

 The Right Front shows a new sunshade over the winterization hatch.  This was made from styrene.  The dimensions were 4 ft long, i ft wide and the outer dimension 2.5 feet.

 I went retro with the ditch lights.  These were from Miniatures by Eric.  Brass fittings that were the in thing during the 1980 modelling period.

 The air hoses and MU hoses are from Details West. Drilled out 1 1/75 hole and glued them in place.  A little paint brought the connectors to life.l
 At Hamer's curve the right side really looks at home on the LVN
 here is the left front side taken near the grain terminal.
 The left side sunshade really improves the realism of this era of locomotive.
 Near the Port Coal Mine you can see the fire extinguisher decal on the trainman's door.
This addition to the fleet will be great for local way freight and switching service.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New SD40 for the LVN

Here ia an SD40 that my cousin Bryan Moir gave me.  It is a Kato and originally it was lettered for first generation CN wet noodle.  CN never had these locomotives.  But this Kato is such a good runner I had to get it onto the LVN.  I first had my friend Ron Newby install a decoder.  Next I removed the wet noodle with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip.  I went to my friend Tommy Hood and he had some Central Vermont decals in G scale and S scale(to get the LVN).  I put the big ones on the locomotive sides and the smaller on the nose.  I added doodads such as radio antennas, horns, winterization hatch, homemade snow shields and derailer.  Also added some fire extinguisher decals and number boards.  I think I will put on some homemade sun shades and ditchlights  tomorrow.  I weathered the locomotive with black and red bragdon powders.  Painted the handrails with Ivory Acrylics.

It has been at least six years since I played around with locomotives.  I almost forgot how much fun it is to modify and customize these guys.  Now the LVN has its first locomotive in it livery.  Hmm.  Now what else can I do for this puppy.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

FNG Central Ops Session

The Friday Night Group (FNG) Central was at the LVN on 4 Feb 2011.  These guys were a combination of experienced and new model railroaders who put the layout through it's paces.

Here is a shot of Mike and Brian operating the wayfreight.  Lots of good communication allows the operation to run smoothly.
Here Paul and Deb are seen operating an RS18 in Richmond Yoard.  This area is also a timesaver that exchanges 21 cars.  The record is 1 hour 33 minutes at prototypical speeds.

Here you can see a BNSF intermodal hot shot led by overland GP60Ms.

All in all everything ran smoothly and it was a pleasure to share the LVN with such nice model railroaders.