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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Robin Hood Flour

After the visit from the movie folks I was hot to get at some more model building. Started to work on the Shelby Subdivision. Robin Hood Flour takes grain from the Trudeau hoppers and puts it into the bins. Flour is processed at the mill and is taken by ACF centerflows to Dempsters bread. Also trucks are loaded for delivery as well.

A good project for the long weekend. I put together the cornerstone kits including Red Wing Flour, two grain bins, conveyor and grain dryer. Painted the building with camo brown Krylon spraybomb and then highlighted with Bragdon Brown and Black powders. The scene is located across the tracks from the golf course just north of the bridge near the port coal mine. These structures create the necessary scenic block between the Wainwright and Shelby Subs. I mounted it on hard board so I could take it to the workbench for detailing. Some weathering is needed on the dryer and conveyor.


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