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Saturday, April 28, 2007


For quite a while now folks have been trying to get a handle on the LVN trackplan. Hopefully the schematics will serve as a good starting point so you can see the operating potential of the layout.
Aa the layout does have two continuous loops lets pick a spot and start at the northern end. As you proceed south you pass through a double crossover and have the opportunity to enter a major classification yard with drill track, arrival departures, classification tracks, industries and lead to Rchmond.

As you pass through Dunvegan you enter the Wainwright Sub at the south end of the major classification yard and here you can service your locomotives, classify trains as well as service industries such as Intermodal and grain terminals, furniture, lumber industries etc etc.
Shelby is south of the Wainwright sub and it host a number of yard tracks and industries. Also it leads off to a coal mine past the golf course. This brings you full circle on my double loop layout.
Oh Yes..Then there is Richmond yard which is east off the Dunvegan Sub. This special area has a timesaver with oil, lumber, paper and baked goods industries. Also the CN Fairview shops and caboose track are located there.

Hope this was helpful to give you some idea of what the LVN is all about.


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