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Saturday, February 24, 2007

On the road again: Visit to Cascade Pacific

A good friend of mine, Wayne Paulsen invited me over for a visit to the O scale modular layout based on Great Northern in Washington state. A Victoria BC based club, the home of the layout is in Wayne's basement though it can be loaded on a trailer and taken to shows. What impressed me most about the work was the attention to detail in such a large scale. Fantastic backdrop painting and individually crafted trees go a long way to provide a good sense of west coast mountain railroading. Wayne likes his automobiles as well and you can see the mint collection of 50s and 60s era classics around his layout. His locomotives, many of them brass are dcc equiped with sound. Big speakers in these puppies really make you feel like you are operating the real thing. Wayne's layout really tells a story and I hope you enjoy the images.


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