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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Golf Course on the LVN

Yes. Its a par 3 on the 13th hole of this new course. The T Box is elevated and you have to hit a good iron shot across the pond to hit the green which is guarded by three bunkers. If you hit the ball into the rough you are in real trouble. There are trees and if you hit the bank you will role into the awaiting bunkers or the pond. Hit short and you will also role back into the pond.

I started this project with the pink foam. Cutting out the bunkers and pond and adding elevations for the rest.

Here is a shot from behind the T box.

The next shot is from behind the green looking back to the T box.

I next mixed some "Celluclay" with white glue and water and spread it over the T box and along the elevated background. Then some dirt, grout and water spray.

Then it was a case of adding ground foam, the trees and bushes

Now with the background roughed in an overall shot and you can see where it will eventually go on the LVN.

This is a great little project to add interest to Layout.

What A great time I am having with this project.

Put white glue full strength on the fairway and green. Then applied some sand. Then some grout to create undulations.

Then on went the ground foam. Varied the colours so the green would stand out. I then rolled it with the wooden handle of an ice pick. Just enough weight to flatten it.

Then I started on the traps. First white glue full strength. Then kittle litter for fill. Then diluted white glue sand and more white glue. Then dark grout around the edges and light sand colour grout for the main parts of the traps. I will let this dry then put in a final smoothing finish


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