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Monday, November 13, 2006

New River Mining Coy is added to the coal facility

It was a rainy old day yesterday so I headed for the basement to do some more modelling. I decided to build the mine below. I had prepainted it in the backyard this summer with the Krylon aluminum and cam green and earth. Played around with photoshop to reflect the day and fill in some groundcover.

The first hour was taking a fine tip brown artist pen to paint the windows. Then it was assembly. Five hours later it was done.

I had built the trackwork with 2.5 inch centres and the mine fit just right

Here is another angle. The next step is the Bragdon powders and the stairs and conveyors which will be installed after the two remaining buildings are built.

Will be back on Friday. Ta ta for now:)


Blogger Mike Hamer said...

Chris, you certainly made good use of your "Rainy Day Sunday". Sorry I couldn't make it cards and family activities. I'll get by before the next session at your place to finish the road crossings! Yikes!

The New River Mining Co. sure looks great! You're a magical modeller!

5:30 PM  

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