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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Foamer in Manitoba

I had a great opportunity to take a business trip to Shilo Monitoba. This resulted in a great opportunity to Railfan From Winnipeg to Brandon. The CN and CP Mainline follows Highway 1 the Trans Canada with the CN on the south side and CP on the North. This changes in Portage LaPrairie where they run within a few hundred yards of each other. At the west end of town they cross over at the only CN/CP double diamond in Canda and continue west. As I left Portage I passed a seed plant located at CN Bloom.

What a Surprise. One of those new CN locomotives consisted with an SD40-2. They had taken a cut of hoppers off their train leaving the balance to block the main and were taking them to the unloader. Just look how wonkey that track is.

I hopped into my car and continued west. And at the next block there was another eastbound waiting for the train ahead to finish its switching. So when she started to role the engine started to let go some smoke which made for a great photo op.

Good to see those Dash 8s still hard at work.

I arrived in Shilo and after a bad weather day I headed out to Douglas right after work. And within 15 minutes I caught this West bound Intermodal as the sun was setting.

On Thursday, I finished early and started off to Brandon. This is a picture of the CP yard taken from the Bridge located at the east end of town. You can see to your right an Intermodal heading west with two other trains waiting their turn in the passing siding. Proof that the intermodal traffic has priority here. I like this picture because for the modeler it shows the main, passing tracks, arrival departure, classification and storage tracks. The switchers were parked. I guess they were done for that shift.

I continued west and had a great evening of continuous traffic.

The Town or small group of homes located next to an elevator hosted a junction where the track left the main and went south was called "Kemnay".

This is the zone for seeing big CP power where the AC4400s abound.

If you did not keep close watch you might miss an opportunity to catch a good photo of the next train. I tried to read a book but darn I just kept getting interrupted.

You can even get fooled if you don't watch the signals. This grain hauler entered the junction from the south and caught me by surprise. The lighting was such as she went from north to east bound I caught the whole array of signals. Green over red and off she went.

On Friday I left Shilo early and started back to Winnipeg. I saw several trains heading west but the pictures were into the sun. When I got to Portage the action was hot. Several west bounds so again no pictures into the sun. I went to the east end of town and noticed this unusual work train. A big highrailer hauling flats with ties precariously loaded I must add. On the tail end MOW equipment to lift the ties and place them beside the track.

This last shot show the power end. Notice the driver slumped in his seat. He must be getting some zizz time before his call.


Blogger Mike Hamer said...

I agree Chris! Isn't it a "durn nuisance" how all those thoughtless trains can interrupt a good book when you're into one! (Big grin!)

Again, Chris...fantastic shots...and "good on ya" for sharin' 'em!

Cheers, Mike

9:19 AM  

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