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Monday, April 17, 2006

The trackwork is finished

Easter, What a weekend. The weather was great. I was torn between the out door bike rides, the walks, breakfast on the patio and watching the Leafs take Ottawa, Blue Jays and golf. Oh ya then there was that goal of finishing the trackwork before the Friday night group comes trooping in this coming Friday.

Well I had to get down there. First there was the south end team track, warehouse tracks and the west side industrial siding. Then I had to join this to the outside passing siding so I could connect into the engine/locomotive facility. Then there was the three track locomotive facility plus a siding track for sand, oil and chemicals. By 22:00 on Monday night it was done. Wiring everything. Tested the trains over the new track... all is well. Now for a few photos for the blog:) Then it is off to bed.

This week will be spent making signs so folks no what is what and maybe a schedule. See U guys Friday.


Blogger Mike Hamer said...

Hi Chris, Wow! All track finished! under half a year...incredible. Looking forward to Friday to run new trains on the Lyon Valley Northern!

Cheers, Mike

4:47 PM  
Blogger Ken King said...

Looks great! I need to find that sort of drive to kick-start my empire...or just a kick in the...pants to get me going ;-)


9:49 PM  
Anonymous Angus Fairgrieve said...

Nice site! Great photos! and awesome videos! I like your layouts!! I am going to try to visit the Ottawa trainshows!! and hopefully see some work like yours...

Take care,

8:16 PM  

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