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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cement Distrbution on the LVN

Lehigh Inland Cement

Finished that Walthers Madusa Cement and redid it as an Inland facility. It is located near the duck under opposite from the Open Pit Mine. It was lots of fun doing the scenery around the plant and I started using my Noch Static Grass Applicator. A very nifty product that stands up like Elvis' brush cut in GI blues.

This picture is taken from the laundry room door. The sign is paper on Styrene. I downloaded it from an image file on the Internet.

In this shot you can see the grass better. Mike Hamer made the crossing out of strip wood.

The last photo is taken from the Richmond Yard lead looking back across the classification Yard. The industry is in a great location and can be viewed from all sides.


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