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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Progress

Well summer is coming to an end and I have managed to keep myself busy with the coffee table layout that the Friday Night Group are building for the CHEO hospital raffle. In between the flurry of activities and homework tasks I managed to do some work on my layout. Mostly building structures (Large industries). As you can see they are in a concept stage...have no backs or roofs or any detail or weathering. However that being said they have been placed so I can get my emagination going and thrust myself into more building.

The long wall has a new concept energy against the wall. This will be a bulk food processing plant.

This second plant will be boxcar industry

Finally, my friend Mike hamer took nine proto 2000 gondolas home and put them together. He nicely painted the decks with browns and washes. All I have to do now is the outside weathering.


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