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Monday, September 03, 2007

Building General Electric

Here was a great project. I took my large GE plant and decided to build the roof, put the backing on it and mount it on some woord for stability and easy handling.

The first step was to glue the two section together with some styrene strip. Then gue in some roof sections again reenforing them with styrene.

Lela was a great help with the project as she has a great eye for cutting and measuring. Also it was necessary to have four hands to move this puppy.

We then got some of the plastic cardboard which is very cheap and comes in black. We then cut it to shape and mounted it on the back of the building.

Then we mounted it on some thin sheets of hard board.

I then added roof details I made from the scrap box. Tanks on the roof were common so as to take advantage of gravity feed.

Next it was down to the layout room

I think I will cut off the loading docks t make it more modern. All in all a great afternoon project.


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