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Monday, September 19, 2011

Day two Harpers Ferry

The old B&O and C&O crosses the Potomac in this historic town famous for John Brown, the armories of the North and Canal.  Great place for railfanning.  We had dinner in an outdooe restaurant above the station in the old town and could see the trains passing through.

 From the station platform this coal drag was moving at quite a clip across the bridge after emerging from the tunnel.

later an AMTRAK emerged from the tunnel and slowed to a stop at the station.

 The Staff were very curtious in helping the passengers onboard.
 View from the restaurant balcony which was part of a historic pub.
 Marc service from Washington
 Lots of folks commute from here to the city.

 CSX train entering the station after blowing through a road crossing.
The historic building were indeed worth the visit.
View from the park just above the old ormory site.  Old bridges that were washed out by floods can be seen on the right.


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