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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Enola PA: B&B at the Rockville Bridge Marysville PA

On the way to the Narrow Gauge Convention Lela and I stayed at the Bridge View B&B located on the Enola side of the Susquahanna River at Marysville PA.
 This stone Bridge services the NS on a tripple track with a Y at eack end of the Bridge.  trains from the wwest can go south tto the Enola Yard or cross the Bridge to Harrisburg.  There was a train on average every fifteen minutes from one direction or another.
 The view from the deck was just great and the sun angle was perfect through the whole day.
 Here I am on the deck Ain't it great.
 You can spend the whole day in this area and never get skunked.
 This train is waiting for clearance to go North to Altoona and points west.
 With the green it is now proceeding to the west end Y
 Later a locomotive moved onto the Bridge and was turned to go back into Enola.
Seven Miles North f the Bridge this Northbound to Altoona rounds the bend along the River.

 As you can see from behind Kieth's Bridge View B&B there is a tripple track.  Two trains are in view coming and going from Enola yard.  The morning was quite foggy as we had to leave early to visit the battle field at Gettysburg.
 A nice coffee in hadn still time for a few more shots before we leave.
 Nice to see UP in the middle of this train.
 A power move these crossed the bridge for the Harrisburg Yard.
 More action at the bridge
 On departure the road passes under the bridge and their is a parking lot near the water treatment facility.  A couple of BNSF units in this consist.
 This is indeed an impressive bridge built by the Pensylvania Railroad.
Switcher in Enola Yard.  The hurricane was coming in to this area later in the week and the river swelled and rose 25 feet in this area.  Lela and I were going to stay at the Bridge View B&B but the road in was closed.  I heard that thewater came in to the first floor level which was about even with the deck you saw in the above pictures.

 I will add a few more later of the shots after the storm.  Here is a video that shows the river running with strong current.


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