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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Morning OVGRS American Invasion 2011

Another hot sunny day brings us to the Narrow gauge sessions of the Invasion. A new set of train orders and narrow gauge rolling stock will now be pulled by steam.

 The Golding's in front of the industry namesake.

 Yes you can operate a yard with live steam

 The locomotive shed is at the ready

 Morning Brief

 Bud gets Nelson yard on the go.

 Dispatcher out for a stretch while Colin works the yard.
 Hank and Tyler looking happy

 Taking locomotive to other end of line to get train.

 Moe and Ken leaving Craig Leigh

 Arriving at Mount St Helen's

 Heading for Spruce

 In the siding at Spruce, Another train is proceeding upgrade for the meet
 Ken in in the hole as Nicole checks the turnout for the meet.

 The scene really shows off all the great grading and stonework.

 Bumblebee in action

 A train descending from Bell along the rear fence of the property.  There is a lift out at the gate into the back property.  Often you see a chocolate lab at the fence looking on.  He must be quite the railfan by now.

 Another meet at Spruce.

 Happy John

 Roger has a busy Dipple yard today.  We are thinking of you Ralph.  Our prayers are with you and your family.

 Bill is getting ready to depart Dipple.

 Bill and his son at Bell.
 Bumblebee at the bridge.

 Colin at Bell
 Sitting in the shade.  Gord and Bud are taking a break from the yard work.
 Give me a smile boys:)
 Action in Mount St Helens

 A close look at the live steamer that switched in Craig Leigh.  Ric' locomotive worked so nicely and his skilled control during the yard classification was amazing.

Now for a drink and lunch


Blogger Bud Nelson said...

Thanks Chris, good memories of a good time. Already looking forward to next year.


4:34 PM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Hi Bud. We sure had a wonderful time. Always great to run trains with you guys and being a member of OVGRS. See you soon.


3:59 PM  

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