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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Finishing up the rooming house station scene

Well it has been awhile but I finally got around to working on the rooming house scene. I wanted to get at it but was not motivated because I did not have a picnic table for my waiting crew to sit at.

The station is right against the wall so it is important that there is a painted backdrop to extend the scene.

As you can see the scene extends along the back wall. I took some stock sidewalk styrene and cut out what I needed to run it from the station to the tower. Then added some areas for the crew picnic table and walkways from the doors to the parking lot and the track side. After painting it with krylon camo tan I glued the sections together using the buildings as a guide to get the spacing right.

 The tower from FOS Scale really provides a great framing for the rooming house and being forward from it provides more depth to the scene.

 I added 32 LPs to the scene and arranged them to provide a Canadian Cultural Mosaic.

 I made sure the lawn was lush and green indicating it was well cared for.
 The linear view adds a sense of a great stretch of busy railroading for crew changes and passenger pickup.
 The rooming house may need a few more doodads such as an oil tank, pop machine etc.
 The picnic table is a lasercut model with 13 components.  A jig is provided to help assemble these tiny tiny parts.  Mike Hamer was kind enough to give me this kit so I could get on with the project.  The LPs are standard though I painted the orange vests over their cloths to give them the RR worker look for modern times.
 This gal is the cleaning lady and she is waving to a crew member.  Maybe her boyfriend or husband,
Here you can see the lady feeding her dog.  He is quite attentive and is sitting up for the treat.

I am looking forward to the first trains through Shelby so I can catch the action at this lively little scene.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, a very good example of great modelling. Your layout is quite inspirational. I like dropping by on your blog to see what's new etc.

Great job!

Syl (a.k.a: MLW)

5:35 AM  

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