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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Layout Photos of location for install of AMB Kit and FOS Kit

The Rooming house, tower are located on the far wall in Shelby.  Right now I placed them on some loose ballast to get a feel where i want them located.  I will build a diorama with some grass, bushes and sidewalks and also add some doodads. 

 Here are the two kits on the station track.
 The tower 1 was an easy kit that comes from FOS scale.  It is a lasercut structure with Tichi windows and doors.
 Here you can see it with the walthers city station. Should make for an inviting scene.
 Close up of the tower.  I had installed the big bay window upside down so with the use of canopy glue to install it I pried the window carefully so I could get a number ii blade under the window and was able to cut the glue and popped out.  Problem fixed.  The value of photos and extra eyes.
Looking forward to doing some more on this area over the holidays.


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