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Friday, July 22, 2011

OVGRS American Invasion Day 2 Morning Standard Gauge

This morning brings standard gauge into play.  A point to point Railroad with an interchange with lots of towns and sidings really made for some interesting opportunities to run trains and share friendship.  But man was it hot.
The rolling stock is being placed in Nelson yard as Bud and Fred admire Gord's trackwork.  You see a tree fell during a wind storm and it took two months to redo the benchwork and track.
 Locomotive is now moving out to the yard throat so that Bud can get the trains ready for the day.
 In the meantime folks are arriving for the 10 am start
 Lots of chat about what has gone on in the last year as many are from out of town and they have not seen each other for quite some time.
 Always great to see the smiles on the faces of our American Invaders.
 Gord's Boys are looking at the handy work in the yard as they wait for the crew meeting.
 Looks like folks are ready to go as they have their radio control throttles at the ready.
 Sign up sheets are on the table with the train orders.
 Peter's Pond is named after Fred's brother.  Looks like a reefer is ready for pickup in the siding.
 The gathering
 Fred welcoming everyone to the American Invasion.
 Gord laying down the rules for operation.
 Colin is reminding us of safety issues and talks about our emergency medical plan

 Gord is our dispatcher and looks like he is good to go with coffee in hand.
 Fred thanking Gord for his long hours of work and dedication getting the railroad ready for this weekend.
 Colin chatting with the ladies before the ops session.
 Ken signing up for his train.
 Now into the shade and wait for your train to be called.
 Ric is using his switcher in  Craig Leigh  (Douglas) to prep the first train of the day
 Doug supervises as it is his spot during weekly operations.
 Young fella arrives and Ric will be now be the conductor as you can guess who is going to operate the locomotive.  Doug is now in socializing mode.
 Nice seen of the cross generation train crew working the yard.
 Ain't it great.
 Three stock cars are being brought from the industrial siding to the yard.  Ric throws the turnout and walks to the yard lead.
 The cut being backed into the yard.
 Look what I found on the locomotive bench.  A sneak preview of things to come.
 Closeup shows there is no steam pressure.  A good thing as it is not on the track yet:((
 On the main a UP freight is entering Spruce for local switching.
 Leaving the caboose on the main he is pulling his cut into the siding.
 The two cars are being dropped at Mackenzie Lumber.
 Fred is over by the fish pond chatting with the ladies.  The coolers are in the shade at the ready.
 Bud is making up a train in Nelson Yard.  The umbrellas are the new source of shade since the tree fell..
 Gord in the dispatchers tower.  It used to be CN colours but Gord decided to paint it CP.  More to his liking I guess. 
 Radios are used for communication and the trains are dispatched using a timetable and magnetic board.
 Rat Portage Branch is operating on the right and a CN mainline freight has just left Dipple Yard.
 Roger is backing for a caboose with his GP while Lawrence is getting his RS3 ready to put on the track.
 Here comes the Van
 Bellamy is the sight for a CP freight to stop and work an industry John is at the throttle as Colin uncouples the car.
 Roger now has the caboose in position for the next train.
 Looks like the switching operation is going well in Bellamy.
 More action in Nelson Yard
 Yes it is hot but we are having fun...aren't we Tyler.
 Overview of the area where the big Blue Spruce tree had lived for 40 years.
 Ironwood is the sight of this UP freight arrival.  Hotspot on the railroad for a number of good reasons (Sun and Operations).  Brad is having a good time with his train.
 CNW power getting ready to pick up train.
 Caboose is being dropped (lifted) by Ric.  The train will pull ahead to grab the cut of cars to the left,
 Locomotive is being moved forward as Ric still plays with his O-5-O move.
 The unit now has it's cut of cars.
 Moving forward, it will then back onto the caboose and depart..
 Here we are in Mount St Helens.  First stop for the crew.
 The Rat portage team have arrived at the interchange in Bell.  Here they will leave cars for the IPP&W and return with those left by the railroad.
 CP Locomotive is being operated by John.
 Nice to be under the umbrella.
 CN switching action 
 Bud is hanging in though the temperature has been rising steadly.
 Dispatcher Gord looks like he is feeling the heat as well.
 I really like this facility as it adds lots of realism to the operation.
 Lawrence and Bud discussing the manifest.
 Still discussing the manifest.
 Are we ready yet.
 Paul and Jim switching at Ironwood
 Better check the list.
 Looking for the car by car number.
 Still switching at the interchange.
 Bud is parking the loci.  Must be lunch time.


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