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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ottawa Valley Garden Railway Society American Invasion Day 1

OVGRS has an open house in July. Three days of Standard (Modern) and Narrow Gauge (Steam) operations. It starts on Thursday Evening at Doug Mathison's followed by two days of morning and afternoon operating sessions at Fred Mills place.

Thursday Night was a great meet and greet at Doug and Barbara's home.  Lots of opportunity to see some new trains and old favourites on the line.  Nice to see progress in the shaded garden.

 Gaetan brought out his new San Juan steamer as Fred looks very relaxed in his chair
 Gaetan is discussing the merits of his new loci with our host Doug Mathison.
 Gaetan next to his new pride and joy.
 Jan is bringing her passenger train into the main station
 Train is ready for departure.
 Nice 260 pulling this Presidential car.
 Number 1 on the main
 This railroad has a nice long run on the mainline.
 A Shay is heading this short freight into the passing siding.
 Doug posing with his train
 Now that is a pose fer sure Aye.
 The meet.
 Nice broad curves on this main.  I like the larger space as it increases the realism.
 Pause at the siding for a close up
 Now for a run by.
 Breaking out into the sun
 Live steam crossing the bridge.
 Nice two truck shay No 3
 3/4 shot
 From ground level you can see the raised trackage and nice sloped stone work for the garden.  Fern in the foreground gives nice ground cover.
 The steamer is chugging along the back ridge.
 Ken has brought out his new K27 and yes it has new gearing and sound
 What an impressive locomotive.  Big and heavy I am sure it can handle any grade with a long string of cars.
 Running light for the first traverse of the main
 Crossing the bridge with a hefty freight.
 Can you hear the rumble and the roar?
 One more time.  I could watch this train cross this bridge all day.

 Now for some great food.
 Nothing like being with such good friends..  Nicole, Gaetan and Fred look like they are having a great time.  The wine is on it's way Fred.

Ric was our chef and it looks like he is really starting to relax from his long drive from the US  Stay tuned for the Friday and Saturday festivities.


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