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Monday, September 19, 2011

Day three: Cass Scenic Railroad

We drove in from Virginia over five ridges of mountains.  Passing into West Virginia the Blue Ridge Mountains were breath taking with hard wood forests and mountain streams.  We arrived in time to take a walking tour of the shop facilities so the joy of watching the road crews ready their Shay's was just great.
 Approaching the shops the largest shay: number 6 was sitting int the siding awaiting assignment.
 Getting closer the trainman was on the tender doing some sweeping.
 Over at the coal bunker Shay number 11 sure was in a picture perfect position for this structure.
 Two more shays appear just beyond number 11 on the same track.  Lined up to go get their cars.
 Looks like she is blowing off a bit of steam here.
 A fine locomotive indeed.
 Interesting angle on the spark arrester.
 Black and white sure seems to fit these scenes.
Number 5 and 4 are further along the servicing track.
Number 11 at the 3/4 angle.
 Really must have been something when they were hauling logs off the mountain

 The big shay blowin off steam.  It was deafening.
 What a great day at Cass
 The first train to water before going to the station will be picking up passengers for Whittaker Station.

 Two short blasts of the whistle and she is on her way
Rounding the bend past the water tower.
The next in line is about to depart
Our shay approaching the station for our trip up to Bald Knob.


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