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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Railfanning West Day 2

On the way back from BC, I stopped trackside to photograph this spiker
Road construction had us wait for a period of´╗┐ time, so I climbed the ledge and looked into the valley and saw this eastbound lumber train.

It was moving slowly on the north main with lights off.  It must be meeting a westbound.

 You can see the damage the spruce bud worm is doing to the trees.

I could hear the westbound coming up the valley out of Jasper.  This is a congested area and crew change point.  So the trains really have to do the dance.

At this point the train had slowed to a crawl.

 Closer examination shows a GE ES44DC in the lead.

 The train reaches the signals.  This is going to be an excellent meet with lots of railroad stuff in the shot.

 Sure enough a SD70M-2 roars westward at the signals.

What a great meet.  Fate of the road construction can really pay off in terms of railfanning opportunities.
 Reaching Jasper VIA Canadian number 2 is sitting at the station.  The "Old Man" is looking prominent in the overcast sky.
 An east bound SD60F sits at the crew change point.

 What an awesome day with great catches.


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