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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Time Table & Train Orders: TT&TO Tutorial

Have a great time learning about how TT&TO's can add to the fun of operating your model railroad.
This is a project that speaks to the concept of using time tables and train orders to operate your model railroad. Mike Hamer and I interview Doug Matheson and he demonstrates through scenarios, several practical situations you would find during an operations session. This video is hosted on Tommy Hood's HO Scale Canadian Northern Railway in Ottawa Ontario Canada In Part 1 Doug explains the selective compression of TT&TO concepts and show the paper work the Canadian Northern uses.

In Part 2, Extra 3600 arrives in Ellenburgh, conducts switching ahead of the scheduled train meets. On completion, the operators consult the timetable and Doug explains the priorities as you watch them unfold. See the scheduled trains travel some of the layout and meet the extra in Ellenburgh.
In this final episode in the TT&TO story, Extras meet extras in Ellenburgh and Grenville. Station train order signals are explained and a first class passenger train travels the line. Throughout the series, Doug provides lots of helpful hints for operations planners, dispatchers and train crews. Also he provides links to important resource materials for TT&TO's. As an operator, it is nice to have all this demystified so that you pay more attention to what is provided to you when you operate at a layout that uses this system. It just adds to the realism and the fun. You can appreciate the effort that goes into this and those dedicated to providing it. Thanks Doug Matheson for your subject matter  expertise in doing this series..


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