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Monday, June 10, 2013


This is Part 2 of colouring wood structures with water based SaMaN stains.  This next structure as you can see in the first photo had a combination of wood, cardstock, plywood peel and stick.  Since I wanted a light almond trim I could not achieve this readily with stain so I used a Krylon acrylic almond spraybomb. 
 I lightly dusted the windows and doors with several coats.  I then scratched up the surfaces lightly with an old no11 blade.  Finally I used AI to weather down the colour.  The siding was the suggested SaMaN stain mix.  I then used A/I and dark and medium rust bragdons to vary the colour on the siding.   

 I built a second structure: Tower One (Fos Scale) and by using the same colours was able to get a good blending of the buildings on my layout.  To many colours can make it look toyish.

 Here is another project done for the CHEO raffle layout using the same combination except the trim was antique white krylon spraybomb.

This is a board on board construction.  I used my black chocolate water mixture and stained each board separately.  As each bit of wood is different it takes the stain in different ways.  Some boards were distressed more than others,  As I cut each piece for the application I distressed each end added nail holes and applied either more stain or A/I.  Also I added different bragdons sparingly to parts of each board to try and create rain streaking and rust.  In the end I used earth pan pastels to lightly blend everything. 

 The shingles were done using the same staining technique prior to application.
 The doors were white metal.  I painted them with a karki krylon camo spraybomb.  Let dry.  Then I applied dark brown bragdons.  I melted them onto the paint with mineral spirits and let dry.  I dry brushed flesh colour velejo acrylic on the upper surfaces.  This picks up some of the dried bragdon creating the grey earth raw wood highlight.  This technique was taught to me by Brian Nolan. 

 In this model the the black 25% chocolate brown 25% and water 50% stain was used in everything but the upper floor of the structure.  On this I did apply floquil SP grey then dry brushed with Citadel rotten flesh (Light green).  Then weathered with AI and earth Bragdons.  You can mix techniques effectively.

 The decks were all AI then earth bragdon melted in with mineral spirits then AI again.

 Same Same

 All in all I recommend you give this a try.  I put a great many of these structures on my HO Scale freemo modules.

 They blend in very natural
 Recently I tried to reproduced an aged white with the whitewash.  This a difficult process as it takes a ton of stain to colour the wood.  I think I would stick to acrylic paint for the whites.
Hope this was helpful and you will give it a try.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks agains Chris for two very nice staininh articles. Very informative and interesting!!
Best regards, and waiting for more!!
Olav in Norway

9:21 AM  
Blogger Chris Lyon said...

Olav. Great to hear from you. It has been a long time. Hope all is well with you. Glad you enjoyed the stain clinic. I am going to deliver something similar at the Fine Scale Model railroad Expo in November

12:24 PM  

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