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This site is designed to promote the hobby of ferroequinology. It also provides an opportunity to show the development of the "Lyon Valley Northern": an HO railroad featuring CN and BNSF action in the West. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments at

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Friday, July 26, 2013


Over the past three years I have been building two three foot modules that depict the early thirties.  A freemo style where the mainline track is centred.  The idea was a format to display my craftsman structures and be able to go to shows and talk about that aspect of the hobby.  I joined up with three others who had built modules representing different eras and focusing on different aspects of the hobby.  We did lots of shows.  Folks wanted to move on and do something new so we decided to not put the modular railroad on display anymore.  Most of the modules were sold though I decided to hang onto mine as there was still lots of modelling to do on them.
Anyway this is the last show we did in Long Sault Ontario.  The Seaway Model Railroad Show is in a hockey rink venue mid summer and it supports a local charity in Cornwall.  The video highlights the modules, shows us promoting the hobby and helping by providing information.  There is a sequence where a four year old switches out an industry.  There is indeed hope for the future.  Enjoy.


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